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National Geographic Traveller (UK) has included Costa Rica as part of its Best of the World 2021 list.

Sustainability: From carbon-neutral cities in the making to destinations offering a blueprint for sustainable nature and wildlife tourism, these are the pick of the places that aim to safeguard our precious planet’s natural wonders.

Costa Rica is one of 35 total destinations selected to the list. It’s featured in the “Sustainability” category alongside Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Gabon, Africa; Denver, Colorado; and others. “So you want to escape?” the National Geographic story reads. “Imagine a country that’s one-quarter national park, a place where you could hike in a rainforest in the morning and surf tropical waves in the afternoon. Imagine an adventure Eden where sustainability was a strategy long before the world caught on, where jaguars prowl in the jungle, harpy eagles fly and Jesus Christ lizards walk on water before your eyes. “That country is Costa Rica.” .



Lonely Planet Recognizes Costa Rica as Best Destination for Travelers with Disabilities

Renown travel website Lonely Planet recognized Costa Rica in its Best in Travel 2021 Awards, “We decided to make this year’s Best in Travel different by recognizing places and people demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability, community and diversity”, reads the message of Lonely Planets’ CEO Luis Cabrera. Costa Rica received the award under the “Diversity” category specifically as the Most Accessible Destination. “Stitching together deep virgin rainforests with smoldering volcanoes, cowlicks of soft, seashell-pink sand and cities sparkling with colonial architecture, Costa Rica really has it all. A law which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and enforces a degree of accessibility in hotels and public places means it’s a fantastic accessible-friendly destination too”, describes the website. Cahuita National Park in Limón, became the first National Park to be accessible for people with disabilities back in 2019. Jacó in the Central Pacific also has a 63 meter long ramp (206.70 ft.) built with recycled plastic and which gives wheelchair users access to the shore. Carara National Park, Poas Volcano and Manuel Antonio offer universal walkways for disabled visitors. Some tour companies also have adapted their gear to allow tourists with disabilities to experience zip lining. Adaptive surfing is also an option. “Sustainability is key in our tourism model and a sustainable destination must be accessible; I applaud that the Costa Rican tourism industry – hotels, restaurants, tour companies – have options for everyone to enjoy our country”, commented Gustavo Segura, Minister of Tourism. .



So proud! Playa Hermosa in Garabito is awarded as a World Surf Reserve

This makes it the first in Central America and eleventh in the world. The US non-profit organization “Save the Waves Coalition” grants this award. “Playa Hermosa was a perfect candidate... Its incredible biodiversity and environmental attributes, as well as a clear vision of conservation for the future, this surf ecosystem is very deserving of the title. Costa Rica is a model of sustainable development that has prioritized the conservation of natural resources, making it a favorite destination for traveling surfers who come to enjoy nature, the rich and warm Costa Rican culture ”, said the executive director of Save The Waves Coalition.



Experiences from the Papagayo Gulf

We set out to visit the amazing Papagayo Gulf. Without a doubt one of the most suitable beaches for a real laid-back vacation. The protected bay conditions ensure spectacular and completely quiet beaches that allow bathing in the sea without fear of waves or dangerous drifts. We took our jet ski with us and took full advantage of it while visiting magical pristine beaches accessible only by sea.


A giant whale jumps during a tour in Costa Rica

Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay) Whale Watching Tour

The period of whales in Costa Rica begins around July and ends in the end of October. During this time we can watch whales coming from South America to the warm waters of Costa Rica to mate or give birth to their offspring and spend three months with them. We went out to the Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay) area which is located in Uvita to watch a fantastic show. We were not disappointed!!!!



Costa Rica, a Safe Travels Destination

Costa Rica got the “Safe Travels” certification granted by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) which recognizes the countries that have applied sanitary protocols safe for travelling under the frame of Covid-19 These measures guarantee the tourists visiting the country that there are guidelines that promote social distancing, the use of masks, the establishment of social bubbles and hand washing against the pandemic. “We are very proud of all the work done by the people who designed the protocols to guarantee safety to both the tourism labor force and the visitors in this process of adapting to a new normalcy”, said Mr. Gustavo Segura, Min. of Tourism. Besides the protocols, Costa Rica, due to the kind of tourism it offers, lots of open spaces, no crowded beaches and activity centers, mostly small hotels where, apart of the protocols, they are hardly ever over-crowded, definitely becomes a safe choice to take your vacations.


Visit Playa Cativo Lodge in Golfo Dulce

Until you visit the "Playa Cativo" hotel located in the Golfo Dulce, you will not know what a real and unique experience is in Costa Rica ... As always, we will make sure to find special places that are off the beaten path for our travelers, to improve their travel experience in Costa Rica. The hotel "Playa Cativo" is one of them, so there we went .....


Spectacular sunsets from the island "Chiquita"

Amazing and varied sunsets in "Isla Chiquita". We mentioned in a previous post that the experience of watching the sunsets from the Glamping Hotel Isla Chiquita is another unique daily experience, when every day a completely different picture from the one we saw the day before reveals to us ...


Amor Arenal!!

New love in Arenal .. Another fascinating surprise in the Arenal area, a new 5-star hotel that is opening right now at the foot of the volcano. The name of the hotel, "Amor Arenal" (in English, Arenal Love) ... Bungalows in a stunning style that face a forest that extends powerfully right in front of the large windows with a private Jacuzzi on the terrace, special amenities, an amazing restaurant and an extraordinary spa. Minimum age for hotel guests is 13 years old. A great option for a romantic vacation even on the family level.


The amazing cocoa fruit in Costa Rica

A cocoa and chocolate tour ... a fascinating authentic experience !!

Another unusual experience in Costa Rica is a visit to one of the cocoa farms scattered throughout the country. The visit includes a tour of the plantation and participation in some of the various processes, from harvesting to the preparation of the final product. At the end of the tour you will be able to taste the cocoa and the fine chocolate that you have just made. Until a few years ago, thousands of hectares of cocoa were grown in Costa Rica, but a deadly disease wiped out almost all areas. In recent years, new varieties have been developed that are resistant to the disease, and due to the rising demand of the global chocolate industry, new plantations can be seen, although still, in small volumes.


Nothing is impossible!

We have heard this sentence many times but when Warner Rojas, the only Costa Rican hiker to ever climb the Mount Everest, says it, it already takes another dimension. We joined Warner for a leisurely Saturday hike and heard from him rare experiences about the challenges he had to endure while climbing the highest mountain in the world.


The sky is the limit, but always security goes first

In our opinion the extreme hanging bridge in Costa Rica is located in the mountains at about 45 minutes drive from manuel Antonio. This slightly swinging 127 mts long at 40 mts high bridge surrounded by impressive waterfalls is definitely an excellent way to feel an adrenaline raise. The road leading to this place is also a bit extreme and only recommended for 4x4 vehicles and experienced drivers.


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