Car rental in Costa Rica

In order to take full advantage of your time in Costa Rica, it is highly recommended to rent a car. Since this is a mountainous country where not all roads are paved, driving in Costa Rica makes the trip experience a fascinating adventure. You can rent different types of vehicles, considering the number of people, comfort, size, price and the like. You can get the vehicle at the airport, at your hotel or at other branches scattered throughout the country. You can also get the vehicle at a certain place and drop it off at another location.

The car rental agreement in Costa Rica includes compulsory insurance. There is additional insurance upon special request. The renter must read and understand all the clauses that include the rental, with an emphasis on the various insurance policies and other additional details. We offer a car rental service in Costa Rica together with the leading car rental companies whose contracts have no small letters to be worried about. We do this at attractive prices while offering the choice of many types of vehicles, comprehensive service all over the country and more.

Attention: Some of the roads in Costa Rica are extremely bumpy, and include bumps and potholes, mountain roads and deep slopes alongside them. It is the important to choose the type of vehicle according to the route determined, and driver’s skills. It is the duty of the driver to follow the laws of the state, so as not to get into unpleasant situations. And of course, do not forget to bring your country’s valid driver’s license.

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