Nosara is a village and a district on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula.

It’s known as a yoga center, and for Pacific beaches like Playa Guiones, with its long surf break. Playa Pelada has a reef just offshore and a tidal blowhole.

SIBU Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates animals like coatimundi and white-faced monkeys. Just north, the beach at Ostional Wildlife Refuge is a nesting site for olive ridley turtles.

Nosara is a major yoga capital, a teacher of teachers, and a first-class surf destination, but it’s more than the sum of its parts. It’s ideally situated on a pristine coastline teeming with birds, reptiles, insects, arachnids and mammals.

Nosara is a dusty place with a golden aura, a weird and wonderful vortex of personal, social and global consciousness, a place where people come to find themselves and sometimes never leave.

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