Catamaran sailing in Costa Rica
Catamaran Sailing

A catamaran cruise in Costa Rica allows the sea lovers among us a refreshing experience that will introduce us to the sea, nature, animals and most of all, enhance the experience of freedom.

It is a family experience when the cruise is done on catamaran boats in different sizes from 15 to 60 people or more. Activities include boating in the various bays, diving into the water for snorkeling at one of the reefs, watching marine animals (when they appear) and more.

This activity, we offer mainly in the bays of Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo and Flamingo when the voyage lasts about three hours.

Note – For those susceptible to seasickness, it is advisable to consider participating in this activity because sometimes the sea is wavy with typical “marine” fluctuations.

Top Places for Catamaran Sailing in Costa Rica

Some photos of Catamaran Sailing in Costa Rica